Façade de l'usine Lecoche

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The company Lecoche LG Industry with 1144m², offers its employees good working conditions. Indeed, the company has showers, changing rooms and kitchen overlooking the forest where the workers are left with pleasure each morning.

Façade Lecoche LG Industrie
- Facade of the factory -

Façade Lecoche LG Industrie
- Facade and entry of customer -

Coté de l'usine
- Side of the factory -

Livraison Lecoche LG Industrie
- Rear of the building and delivery -

Atelier Lecoche lg industrie
- Workshop-

- Offices -   bureau Gelhay lecoche lg industrie

bureau lecoche lg industrie   - Offices -

- Refectory -  Réfectoire lecoche lg industrie